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Team Hive | Meet Lauren

Many of you have met Lauren through the past year and half with Viva and let me tell you this one is a keeper!  I am so EXCITED to officially announce Lauren as one of my Event Coordinators with Team HIVE.  She has worked so hard through the ranks within the team and she deserves every minute of her new role.  This is also the announcement of some new updates within our website in our team page as well as some additional updates throughout, including some adding wedding images and style shoots.  Take a look at how Lauren’s experience with Viva so far has been for her….



Written by Lauren:

Where do I begin?! I have been with Viva since April of 2015 and so much has happened since! As a Business Marketing major, I did not take the traditional path to the events industry, but my involvement with event planning in college sparked my interest in going an alternative route with my business knowledge. When I met Stephanie, our connection lead to her offering me an internship position with Viva!


My internship experience with Viva: 

I am one of the few interns in this world who didn’t have to file paperwork or make sure their boss’ double-shot, light, no-whip latte was correct each day. Lucky for me, my time with Viva has been an amazing experience since Day 1. Stephanie has not only been the most incredible leader and teacher, but has become one of my closest friends. My internship has been a complete hands on experience, and my inexperienced, new-aged opinions were actually listened to and appreciated. I had the chance to learn from different coordinators, calm the bride down before walking down the aisle, and I have mastered the various ways of folding a napkin, something I never knew I would need to know. I have gained confidence in speaking, became a self-starter, and have formed friendships with vendors that I can’t imagine my life without. My favorite part of being an intern? I was able to travel to new places, be apart of so many unique weddings, and experience the satisfaction from the couple having the night they dreamed of. My least favorite part of being an intern? I learned about so many different types of cheeses, formed a true love for donuts (buy Stephanie and me donuts and we will be fast friends) and became such a foodie that I needed to purchase a gym membership.. kidding (sort of).


What am I up to now?

I am so excited to announce that I have been an official team member of Viva L’Event since the end of August 2015 (waiting for my one year celebration party patiently)! I transitioned from an Intern to an Event Assistant after a few months, and I am now officially an Event Coordinator! I am so ready to be a lead part in delivering amazing events alongside other vendors. I truly believe an event with vendors that work well together and learn from each other results in a fabulous outcome! Not only am I excited to continue to make vendor relations, but I look forward to traveling to new places, near and far, as traveling is one of my most treasured passions and I will take any excuse to travel!

Final thoughts?

I could have not wished for a better internship and team to learn from. Viva has become my family, and I can’t wait to see what my future with the company holds. I have always been the type of person who loves gift-giving, and I get to do that each day as an Event Coordinator with Viva L’Event, providing clients with the most exceptional experience.

Please help me congratulate Lauren on her new role…donuts are always a good idea!

Special thank you to Cara of f8 Photo Studios for our images, Merrimon-Wynne House for allowing us to use their beautiful space and Kristi of Wink Hair and Makeup for making us feel gorgeous!


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